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Super Include

version 1.0

Super Include is a PHP function for Pulse CMS that allows you to include blocks outside of the main Pulse page area and still process Pulse tags within them.

What does the script do?

Pulse Tags (short codes) are a great way to easily and quickly add complex or repetative content to your blocks or posts. However you can only use Pulse tags within the main page area of the template:

<?php echo $parsedown->text($content); ?>

Outside of the main page area you would normally include your block or gallery the Pulse 3 way;

<?php include("path/block.txt"); ?>

This works well but, as mentioned, any short codes aren't processsed so you can't add a gallery short code, for example, to your included block.

Super Include works in the same way as the standard PHP include statement but will also pre-precess any embedded short codes.

Installing the script

Download the PHP script and FTP the superinclude.php file into the template folder alongside the layout.php file.

In your layout.php template file add the following code to the top of the document;

<?php include("superinclude.php"); ?>

Lastly include a block as you would normally but use the superinclude function;

<?php superinclude("content/blocks/my-block.txt"); ?>

Super Include

Version 1.0
Requires Pulse 4.0 or above
Last Updated 7th September 2016

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