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Recent Posts

version 1.0

Insert this Pulse tag into your blog, block or page to have it display links to your latest blog posts.


In this example we can see links to the last three blog posts listed by date (most recent at the top). The plug-in will create a standard unordered list with up to five entries unless (as in this example) there are fewer posts to display.

    Installing the plug-in

    Download the plug-in and FTP the recentposts.php file into the inc/tags directory in your Pulse install.

    Using the plug-in

    To add the list to your Pulse blog, block or page use the following Pulse tag where you want it to appear;


    There are currently no parameters for this Pulse tag.

    Recent Posts details

    Version 1.0
    Requires Pulse 4.0 or above
    Last Updated 21st October 2014

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