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Auto backup

version 1.0

Auto backup is an enhanced version of the standard Pulse auto backup script.

What does the script do?

This modified auto backup script adds two extra features to the standard Pulse backup script;

  1. 1. As well as the default pages, blog posts and media files the script will now also backup block content and any installed plug-ins.
  2. 2. The most recent zip archive is attached to an outgoing email and is sent to the system administrator to store as an offsite backup.

Editing the settings

As well as the standard settings for how many backup files to keep on the server and how long the script should wait until it tries to back up the server again the script now contains settings to email the most recent zip archive.

Open the file up in a plain text editor and scroll through the code until you find the Email settings section. Simply specify the recipient's email address, the sender name, the sender and reply to email addresses, subject and finally the message body.

Installing the script

When you are done editing the file simply FTP the auto_backup.php file into the admin/inc directory of your Pulse install.

Using the script

As the name suggests the backup process happens automatically and is triggered when you first log into the Pulse admin area. If a backup is needed then the script will backup the files specified and will zip them up and send them out attached to an outgoing email.

Auto backup details

Version 1.0
Requires Pulse 4.0 or above
Last Updated 1st June 2016

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