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Anti Spam

version 1.0

The Anti Spam plug-in for Pulse allows you to easily add encoded email links to your web pages in the hope of preventing these being harvested by spam bots.


The following mailto link is made up of entity encoded characters.
Email me

<a href="mailto:&#110;&#97;&#109;&#101;&#64;&#101;&#120;&#97;&#109;&#112;&#108;&#101;&#46;&#99;&#111;&#109;">Email me</a>

Installing the plug-in

Download the plug-in and FTP the antispam.php file into the inc/tags directory in your Pulse install.

Using the plug-in

To add an encoded email address to your Pulse blog, block or page use the following Pulse tag where you want the email to appear;


The only required value in the tag is the email address of the recipient;

You can also optionally add in text and class values to specify the link text and the class style for the link;

{{,text=Send me an email,class=myClass}}

If you don't specify any text in your Pulse tag the plug-in will use the text Email me.

Anti Spam details

Version 1.0
Requires Pulse 4.0 or above
Last Updated 21st October 2014

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